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Spark: A Space Tail 2016

Spark, monkey-boy and his friends and a piece of Vix, is on a mission to reclaim the planet Bana – Participants overcome evil king Zhong. Thirteen years ago, the government took over the planet crazy Zhong Banna and ripped it to pieces in the process. Now dividircentos Baneins Zhong fragments of God, evil, led an iron fist. Enter Spark, mono teenager and her friend, Vix, fox sensitive and slice, tech-savvy pigs. Ignition learns of a secret plan to take Jungvsesvitzahopyvshymonstro gergasidikenali space as Kraken – animals which have the right to form a black hole. If I use energy Zhong Kraken is a lethal weapon in the history in your hands and it should spark and his friends to stop him. golf Sparks brings to the corners of the most distant universe, the face of great danger and revealed the secret of his true identity. A futuristic space adventure full of humor and heart, Spark isthe story of a boy who takes velykuvidpovidalnist and in the process find that place Mahdi universe.

Ignition (JaysNorman) is funny monkey, youth living in an abandoned planet with friends and Chunk Vix (Jessica Bijelo) them. Thirteen years, Zhong take over his planet Beta skilled, destroying families and sending sparks underground. Now it plans to use the space Zhong mortalKraken to destroy the entire universe, and nothing butfireworks can not be stopped.

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