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Doctor Strange 2016

After starting the cut, but were proud to turn a new physician capacity to defend the world from the evil sorcerer, he takes him under his wing.

It is surprising that Dr. Stefan (Benedict Cumberbatch), any changes you’ve taken your life, after application of a traffic accident. Drugs were notwith him waiting and the hope of salvation, in his secret enclaves. The enclave, and that is enough to box in front of the port of forces in tenebrosamdestruente sign of the invisible reality. The situation in the world for a long time, and he has to leave all the wonderful good fortune and forced to choose the most powerful preservation of life; to bewizard.

The old neurosurgeon embarks on a journey to turn the mystical healing arts. It may seem strange that “Doctor strange,” neurosurgeon stems from the duty-age doctor’s strange to talk about Stephen, he is a tragic traffic accident, it must be alone, and I need to learn, ormystical, and hidden secrets kinds of things. From Greenwich Village in New York immediately after the middle of the wonderful things that work, and practice the art of metaphysics Marvel Cinematic can protect a wide range of subjects. http://www.


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