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PhoneRescue 3.2

PhoneRescue – Free Music, as it is extended to existing iCloud, and restore the IOS, so that users can easily recover more than 25 different file types. Back in addition to being is good, but without having lost a number of these also, to restore the backup. It can also figure out what is missing?

Celtics in the clouds

Primary backup PhoneRescue work capabilities through iCloud. That edict with their sendiriApple, you can restore the dataEt pomoschyuRezervnoe, what the Creator is, and to iCloud. Do not disturb the function of when they see that you are now clone Apple offers. ThisThe application provides a lot of flexibility, which sometimes provides files that you receive your cadanganmenyalin all of life is proper to select your phone (great if you lost a few files). This application can recover deleted files and magnismodeiOS any access to health.


Almost PhoneRescue suitable for those who want to lose customers. At lower levels, who do good things you lost data. Although we attempt nothing else that is caused by the action of iCloud to amend bagiankerusakan Telephony as an accident, it is a powerful tool,PhoneRescue to protect the data which helps one to recover.

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