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Young and Restless revolves around conflicts, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of framing Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. life and loves of a variety of characters mixed generations of family controlled Newman, Abbott and cold. At ipakitapremiered in 1973, is a revolutionary daytime drama. He continues to set the standard with dynamic characters, storylines social consciousness, romance and sensuality. Young naPREMIERE restless March 26th 1973, and was originally a 30-minute show. It was not until January 1980 that show aySiyabecame at one show like this. show ran for a year at 24:30 on the east coast and the west coast at 11:00 am. Over the years, many things have happened, and there is a very twisted story line, and many of its stolen, and many, is also featured on other congregations karaktertumuturomwingine CBS soap, The Bold and beauty. These include psychotic Sheila Carter, who started Young and restless and presented him with the psychotic part of the Bold and Beautiful. The same goes for LaurenFenmore, which can also be seen on the Bold and Beautiful regularly. Young and restless, not like other soaps reported that surreal life. show, however, is based on the life of people in a small town called Genoa City, Wisconsin, where money is plentiful and so are women. Often we wish that we can live in a small, just to see Midwesttown kakzhivot will really be like. Sometimes we put aside our own problems to worry about what happens in the last part ofshow.
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However, we are not very present in the world as they do in every soap! the theme song is isinulatsa and Barry and DeVorzonPerry Botkin, previously titled Cotton Subject of film Bless the animals, but later became known as Nadia

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