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GeeMail 1.0

GeeMail is a cross-platform desktop Gmail client, giving you a simple way to access your Gmail account, or offline.

It requires Adobe Air to run (which is why it can run on Mac and Linux too), and open as a very simple window with a simplified Gmail looking interface. At first sign that even it may take GeeMail takes to load the box, but nahet is just as fast as Gmail in your browser. The advantage of the of everything on your hard drive loaded betekendat you can mengaksesinboxand write email offline (sent as soon as you get back online).

There is absolutely no choice in the GeeMail, which is unfortunate because you attachments are not downloaded with your messages, so you can not access offline. Although it resembles a stripped Gmail, it is disappointing, zoalsAdobe Air we have a number of desktop applications given looking for the coolest of the past months, and it would be good if GeeMail to be a little more creative.

as sangatsederhanaGmail customer you’re looking for itis fine, because it is absolutely no installation required. However, there is competition in the form of Gmail Lab own Offline, which gives you offline access to Gmail fully synchronized.

GeeMailin is capable, but too simplistic and more choice.


Taken from Beta.

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