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PowerPoint Viewer 2010

If you have an older machine with older versions of Microsoft Office, or if you are using Open Office or Microsoft Works, and do not have the latest version of PowerPoint, installed on the computer, the user can continue to browse and open a PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint Viewer 2010 is a .PowerPointViewer a free program that can be downloaded with a simple and free way to view PowerPoint slides

Users can view, print, and open the presentation with the help of the applicationthis, but “read ONLY” and can not be changed. However, ViewerPowerPoint 2010 allows you to cross the border, slides and video, to behave in the same way until the last iteration of the PowerPoint. PowerPoint Viewer 2010 will run on Windows operating systems, even in Windows XP Service Pack 3 also runs on Vista Service Pack quantity of 1,2,3, and Windows 7 and Windows vysheyVoknyuntuk 10. Its request to memory is relatively moderate, it requires at least 256 MB RAM and 270teškodrive megabytes of storage. For the screen, it is necessary in 1024 BC 788 to operate at an optimum level. Hardware accelerated graphics card must be DirectX, with an excess of 64 MB of memory video.konfigurasi profile system is a determining factor for users of graphics and functionality of the product. Users should keep in mind, however, that some of the features of Microsoft PowerPoint viewers would not watch this, namely the presentation infarmatsyiKiravannehak (IRM) and run the macro and external sites linkovisa orembedded and linked objects.

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PowerPoint Viewer 2010 is very easy to download, just click on the download button to Microsoftstaronka and save the file on your hard drive. Setup can diaktifkandengan double-click to start the installation. When you install a download is required to access the “Start” menu under “All Programs”, and then open Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. PowerPoint Vieverćezaregistravats only .ppt, .pptm, POT, .pptk, .ppsk, .pps and expansion.ppsm, when the existing version of PowerPoint, mengaturpada your computer. This program is run, if the file type is double-click on the machines listed.

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seedlings never received an e-mail from work or school colleagues PowerPoint presentation that contains the new format than Microsoft Office Suite can support, PoverpointViever it is the ideal solution for your needs. Stores need to spend on the latest version of Office prostaadkryts investment. If it’s urgent that you wantPowerPoint opened for editing, it can be done in a version with open sourcedi PowerPoint, without loss of resolution and quality. Reliable and user-friendly nature make PowerPoint Viewer is ideal for downloading.

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