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FMRTE v 17

FMRTE 17 for Windows


FMRTE has many features, here are some of them

Edit players

Almost everything a player can be edited. Hair / skin color, their attributes, their relationships, a record club contracts

Edit clubs

For clubs financesyou can edit (in this example, loans) kit colors, stadiums, care, fame, relationships,

Edit contest

Did you ever give your team some extra points?

With competitions classification FMRTE, you can edit, colors, etaospea.

Powerful search filter

FMRTEfiltarSearch powerful and fast, allowing you to customize your search included. Making easy to find what you want, when you want.

Mass Edit

So, a player / club / team must edit the group but did not want to do one by one? Our Mass Edit featurecombined with our powerful search filter, it allows you to do just that with just a few clicks!


FMRTE playersgives control over transfers. dezakezutransferentzia edit all details of the future such as the date of transfer, nasuma should be transferred toplayer

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