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Harriet is a retired business trying to control everything around him. When she decided to write its obituary, the young author assumes the task of finding out the truth leads to the incident with friendship. Harriet (Shirlei MacLaine) is a successful business woman retired kojiOn wants kudhibitiwote around him until the very end. Make sure her life story told in a way, he pays your local newspaper to improve memory made under strict scrutiny. But Anne (Amanda Sajfrid), a young writermedia work, reduction in environmental compliance rather stand for mamboHarriett fact of life, which led to the incident with friendship.

Harriet LAULER (Shirlei MacLaine), and once successful business woman working with young local writer Ann Sherman (Amanda SEIFRIED) for his legendary PEN life. While initial results are not ispunjavavelika LAULER expectations, aims lakubadilisha way you will remember, pulling together as a reluctant Anne sauchastnik.Kakto their journey unfolds, womenThe two develop a strong bond that will not only change the legacy of Harriet, but also later En.

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